I have been dancing my whole life.  In 1996 I graduated from Bryn Mawr college with a BA in performance studies.  During which I was studying and performing throughout New York, Massachusets, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Californina. Some of my main teachers have been David Zambrano, Adjoa Lemeux, Gretchen Spiro, Martin Keogh, Concecao Damasco, Kira Kirsch,and  Frey Faust to name a few.  I dance professionally, for pleasure and in prayer.  Over the past 16 years I have had the great pleasure of working with many great Bay Area Artists some names include Scott Well, Kim Epifano, Conceicao Damasco, Corpo Santo, C.K. Ledzepko, The Burley Sisters, Dreamtime Circus, Capacitor, Slammin’ all body band, and Corposonic.

I created a performing group in 2008 called The Burley Sisters that I co-directed with my artist and healer friend Melissa Crago

I perform improvisation and choreographed materials made by myself and others.  For more than 6 years I have been performing Bodypercussion.

601238_10151482787971390_141755323_nBodypercussion is one of the oldest and most universal forms of movement and music by humans.  There are traditional and more modern examples that vary as widely as flamenco from spain to hambone from USA.  I have had the great honor to work with Keith Terry, a world reknown body percussionist, and his wife Evie Ladin, an old time music singer, dancer and body percussionist in her own right.  We have performed as Slamin’ all body band and now Corposonic.  We have performed at all of the Bay are Body music Festivals since their inception in 2008(?), and in Brazil, NYC Lincoln Center, Detroit, and Turkey.  It is an incredible pleasure to be amongst this international community of generous  humble and inspiring musicians and dancers.

I have been teaching The Axis Syllabus since 2016.  The Axis syllabus is a body of biomechanical and physical knowledge compiled by a research community led by Frey Faust.  It is a systematic approach to inquiring and researching efficiency and non-violence in dynamic motion.    The Axis Syllabus looks at the form of the surfaces of the joints asa guide to movement parameters.  It explores the role of fascia and tensegrity in healthy movement.  For me, the study of Axis Syllabus is a deep look into the mystery and complexity of this body that I call home.  It helps me to understand all dynamic movement, and to see healthy pathways and choices that are available to me if I so choose them.  It also offers me a way to teach others to have sustainable options within dynamic motion.23604_383782086389_902161_n