Nuria Latifa Bowart

906 Hearst ave. Berkeley Ca. 94710




Personal Statement:

Nuria has been dancing her whole life.  Her relationship to movement and music is professional, personal and therapeutic.  During the past fifteen years Nuria has been dancing professionally in New York City, Colorado, Scotland, Turkey, Brazil, Southeast Asia and most recently the greater Bay Area.  She has performed her own original choreographic and musical works, collaborative works, and performed as a dancer for other choreographers.  She considers herself to be a performance artist, dancer, choreographer, musician, Capoeirista, teacher, healer, and mother.



Professional Dance Experience


1995 Produced and performed original work in Beneath the Skin Dance    NYC NY.

1997 Performed with Gretchen Spiro and Aaron Jessup Dance    Boulder Colorado

2000-2008 Performed with Corpo Santo Dance  Greater Bay Area CA.

200-2002 Capoeira teacher at various schools throughout the Bay area, CA.

(John Mir, Willard school, and  Richmond high school to name a few)

2000-2002 Maculele and Samba teacher at Capoeira Arts Café, Berkeley, Ca

2000-2007 Capoeira teacher at the Capoeira Arts Café  Berkeley, CA

2001 Performed with Capacitor Dance  World Tour Scotland, Indonesia, USA

2004-2008 Directed and Performed for UCA’s  Friends of Capoeira , Berkeley CA.

2005 Performed with The Mystic Family Circus  Las Vegas, Nevada

2007-2009 Performed original works for the Sonoma Museum of Modern Art , CA.

2007-2012 Teacher of Capoeira at Casa De Cultura Berkeley, Ca.

2008-2012 Performed as part of the Dreamtime Circus Black Rock city,  NV.

2008 Performed with Conceicao Damasco in CUBAHIA Oakland, SF CA.

2008 Performed with Slammin’ all body band International body Music Festival, SF CA.

2008 Taught Capoeira at Sul Da Bahia’s first women’s encounter anta Barbara, Ca.

2009 Performed original works with and Dreamtime Circus, San Francisco Ca.

2009 Performed with Slammin’ All Body Band in Detroit MI

2009 Cofounder of the performance group SUDONU, Berkeley CA.

2009 Performed with SUDONU at Sand By The Ton, Oakland, CA

2009 Performed with SUDONU at Symbiosis, Ca.

2009 Performed with SUDONU at Sea Of Dreams, San Francisco, Ca.

2010 Performed with SUDONU at Bohemian Carnival, San Francisco, Ca.

2010Performed with SUDONU at Sand By The Ton, Oakland, Ca.

2010 Performed with Slammin’ all Body Band IBMF Sao Paolo Brazil

2010 Performed with Slammin’ all Body Band at Lincoln Center NYC, NY

2011 Performed with SUDONU at Roccopura, San Francisco, Ca.

2011 Performed in Konyifafa, East Bay Center For the Performing Arts, Richmond Ca.

2011 Performed with Slammin’ All Body Band IBMF bay area

2011 Taught Capoeira and therapeutics at the UCA Batizado, Berkeley, Ca.

2011 Performed with Scott Wells and Dancers in Parkour @ Counterpulse, San Francisco Ca.

2012 Performed with SUDONU at Symbiosis Clear Lake, NV.

2012 Performed with Sebastian Grubb in Workout:A dance theater extravaganza @ Counterpulse

2012 Performed with Corposonic IBMF Istanbul, Turkey

2013 July Performed with Epiphany Productions in Botany’s Breath @ Conservatory of Flowers SF

2013 August Performed with Corposonic @SF Jazz Center

2013 October Performed with Corposonic at the 10th anniversary SF Trolley Dances

2013 November Performed with Corposonic International Body Music Festival the Body Chak

Project: in Collaboration with Barbatuques, Sudomani and Bandaloop.

2013 November Performed with Meg Anderson at A Moments Notice Berkeley Ca.

2014 January Debut Performance with Motor at 8x8x8 in Oakland Ca.

2015 May Performed with Sam Stone, Rosemary Hannon, Miriam Woolodarski

2015 July IBMF Bali. Performed with Corposonic and many amazing artists.

2015 November IBMF Mini Fest Freight and Salvage Berkeley, Performed with MoToR and The               Burley Sisters: Theives trio.




Professional Bodywork/Healing Experience


1998-2016 Working as a Rolfer and Massage therapist





1991-1996       Bryn Mawr College BA in Performance studies  Bryn Mawr, PA

1992-1993   Studied Tantric Yoga at the Bihar school of Yoga  Bihar, India

1994    Studied improvisational dance with  David Zambrano NYC

1997 Graduated from The Rolf Institute, Boulder Co.

2000- 2009 Student of Conceicao Damasco Braziarte, Berkeley, CA.

1998-20013  Graduated student of Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Ra, Mestra Suellen UCA

2009-2013 Student of the Axis Syllabus

2013 Completed a two year training in The Hakomi Method of Somatic Psychotherapy


I have studied  at countless summer festivals with a variety of talented movers, musicians, and actors throughout the last 15 years.

Some of the more influential teachers I have had are David Zambrano, Ruth Zapora, Frey Faust, Kira Kirsch, Martin Keogh,  Maddy Cantor, Rosangela Silvestre, Mestre Ra,  Mestre Acordeon, Mestra Suellen, Mestre Lobao, Mestre Beiramar Itapoan, Gretchen Spiro, Keith Terry, Amen De Santos.